What women find attractive in a man and three traits we just loved. Stay tuned.

Has anyone told you today that you’re loved?

That you carry a significant value? Well, there you go. You just heard it because you know what is the truth. Now, if this is your first time here, then subscribe to this channel and make sure that you turn on.

And notification bell so that you know, every time a new video comes out just for you, what does a woman find attractive? Now, whenever I make these videos, sometimes I get in the comments below. Guys get really pissed off, and they’re like, if I watch one more video about what I need to do as a man. For a woman, I’m going to freaking go crazy.

You know? I actually understand that because that’s what got me into this business, I was reading another guy who was giving women advice, and basically it was like, change who you are to get a woman. Which sounds so stupid. So by no means am I saying change who you are to get a woman. That’s not what we’re talking about.

What we are talking about is empowering you to position yourself to get the love that’s waiting for you and that you deserve. So with that said, let’s get right into this. The first trade that I want to share with you that makes you very attractive to a woman is very practical. And for those of you who are not doing this, this may be a challenge to hear, but a man who has his life in order.

Is very attractive to a woman.

Why is that? Well, one, it establishes safety. It says, you know what? He’s got some consistency in his life, stability in his life. That looks good. And as a woman, listen, we are all looking for a sense of safety. Just like you as a man.

You want a woman who’s gonna respect you. We want a man that we’re going to feel safe with who’s going to love us, but when your life is all over the place, guess what? That doesn’t make us feel very safe inside. He goes, what the hell is going on inside of this guy? That whose whole outside world is a mess?

Want to do this for you because it’s going to give you peace of mind. It’s going to give you clarity with your life. You’re going to feel more confident about you and better in your skin as you get your life in order.

And listen, I know we all go through periods in our life where life can be very chaotic. I’ve been there many times. So if that’s where you are, then I suggest to you that you just own it. Owning where you are and just speaking to it and saying, you know what? My vision is this. This is where I want to go right now.

It’s a little chaotic and I’m aware of that

It's a little chaotic and I'm aware of that

So I’m doing certain things to get some more order into my life and it’s very important to me that I have ordered it. Just because there may be chaos in your life, doesn’t take you out of the game. You just have to be upfront and you have to let her know that there is some type of direction that you have with your life.

Here’s the next thing. This is going to lead into this. A man who is decisive, a guy who knows how to make decision. Listen, we are drawn to strong, competent people. We feel like, Hey, I should hang out with this person. They have a clue as to what’s going on with life.

When we come across as a strong decision maker with that says to the other person is, you know what? I’ve got some control here. I am able to make moves. I’m able to make decisions, and it also speaks that I am a person of value, that I value myself enough to give myself a voice and to say, you know what?

This is what I am doing about this. This is what I’m doing about that, and this is what I will not be doing. You’re listening to me because I am giving you direct things that you could do. But if I was giving you advice from a very whimsical place of, I don’t know, just do whatever you feel, you wouldn’t feel very safe with my direction.

 I’m giving you very practical things that you can implement

It makes you feel more secure. And listen, this woman is being very decisive with the direction she’s giving me. And. I feel a little bit more secure about my situation. Women don’t seem so obscure to me. Now, if you’re having challenges with both of these, then I highly encourage you sign up for a private coaching session with me so that we can get some direction in your life and also equip you on how to articulate yourself.

So many of my clients just go, I don’t know how to say what you just said to a woman, and there are so many times that I can actually just. Say that to a guy, we can write it out and he can have the script so that he can communicate himself a little bit more efficiently. Now, this one has always been important to me.

And so this, I have to say, I just have to preface it. This is a me thing. This is the type of men that I like to date. So if you want to date a woman like me, then these are the kinds of things we’re looking for. But if you’re looking for someone who’s not like me, this may not apply, but there are some key elements in this.

That you really want to latch onto

Have some class and respect. The class portion is what I’m talking about in terms of, this is my preference, but the respect is something that we can all agree on. When you’re out and about, when you’re talking to the coffee barista, when you’re talking to a waiter, a dormant, a valet person, the person sitting next to you who has an open chair and you want to take that chair, communicating to those people with respect is monumental.

Women are always paying attention. We’re always looking at guys, whether you realize it or not, we are watching you not to tear you down, but to go, Hey, could this be a potential candidate. For loving my life. But make sure that wherever you are, whether you’re on a date, whether you’re single, even if you are a married man, where ever you are in your life, that you always want to communicate to yourself and to the people around you with respect.

What does that say to me as a woman that says, listen, if he treats other people respect, he’s going to treat me with respect. But when I see a guy getting pissy with a waiter getting pissy with a valet, I go, yep, as soon as shit hits the fan, if I’m with him, he’s going to treat me like shit. Just like the valet, just like the service man, just like the guy holding the door and I will not be tolerating that.

 You want to communicate with respect because

Want people to communicate back with you. And that same level of respect. So this is about you doing it for yourself. Screw. Just trying to get a woman do this for you. Do these things for you because you deserve this. For me, a man who has class, a man who has good and banners and guy who has some etiquette.

He knows how to hold his wineglass. I’ve seen some men take silverware that’s rolled up in a knack and just. Boom, pull up and clink, clink, clink, clink all over. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You want to have some class. If you really want a woman to pay attention to you, then practice some etiquette.

There’s plenty of videos on YouTube to help with etiquette. So learn some of these things so that you can present yourself and a more respectable and classy light. Let’s recap on this. One, a woman’s going to want a guy who has his life in order, and even if your life is chaotic, it’s how you articulate that.

It’s how you own that. It’s how you show some responsibility and how you communicate that to her. That lets her know that she can trust you, that you’re someone. We at least has some sense of direction and a stapled. And like I said, if you have a hard time articulating that, then make sure to sign up for a private coaching session with me and I’ll help guide you through that.

Second, a woman wants a man who makes decisions

Second, a woman wants a man who makes decisions

So that means when you get the menu, you don’t go, Oh, I guess I’ll have that. I’ll guess I’ll have that. Maybe that. No, no, no, no, no. Show her that you know how to make decisions. When you go to order your coffee at a Starbucks, make sure that you show up and you know what you want.

Don’t be that annoying guy. Just going, I think I have a latte. No, I think I’m just going to have a black coffee. You know what? I’m going to have a T come on. That shows a lack of stability, a lack of clarity, a lack of knowing. What you really want. So be decisive and make decisions. And third, have some class and respect not only for her, but for yourself, because that’s how you want to present yourself to the world.

So if you’re applying for a job, you’re running your own company. These are the ways that you want to show up, to not only impress your clientele and press yourself so that you feel good about you, and also impress your girl. In the comment section below, I want you to tell me which one of these. Do you need help with?

I know it. Even though I said you’re doing this for yourself, you do this for you. Don’t worry about doing this for a woman. I know someone is gonna. Someone’s going to comment below and they’re going to say.